NEW Zechsal hiking pack PLUS. With WandelHout.

    •   The perfect combination for long distance walking pleasure
    •   Fit at the start and your first aid on the way
    •   Relax afterwards with a Zechsal foot bath
    •   Including WandelHout to prevent fat fingers

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Special Price €46.95 Regular Price €51.85
NEW Zechsal hiking pack PLUS. With WandelHout.
NEW Zechsal hiking pack PLUS. With WandelHout.
Special Price €46.95 Regular Price €51.85
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Product Description

Zechsal hiking pack PLUS

Do you also enjoy long-distance walks? Zechsal helps you with a new pack: a perfect combination of magnesium from Zechsal and WandelWol products. 

WandelWol® consists of 100% sheep's wool and is an anti-pressure wool for blisters and pressure points. It is soft, rich in lanolin and makes you feel like you're walking on clouds. Use it to relieve the pressure on sore spots or to prevent blisters. 

Use the Zechsal foot bath crystals the evening before to be fit at the start and of course afterwards to relax your muscles and take care of your feet.

For during the walk, WandelWout has been added, a perfect remedy for fat fingers that can arise during a long walk. 

To complete it all, use the powerful MCM gel, specially developed for your joints. In addition, this gel relaxes the muscles around the painful joint and is your first aid for cramps.

In short: a real plus pack for guaranteed hiking fun!

Zechsal MCM gel

With the Zechsal MCM gel, improvement is possible in a natural way. MCM stands for magnesium, chondroitin and MSM. Thanks to the unique combination of ingredients with proven effects, the gel provides targeted support for the functioning of joints.

The base of the gel is the ancient magnesium from the Zechstein source. Magnesium has a double effect here. Along with the calcium present, it is responsible for building healthy and strong bones. In addition, it ensures relaxation of the muscles around the painful joint. It is these muscles that absorb the blows when a joint does not function optimally. High muscle tension and cramping are then lurking soon. Magnesium helps to relax the area around the joints, providing relief.

OptiMSM®, ginger and chondroitin are all three anti-inflammatory remedies. Joint complaints are often accompanied by inflammation, which is tackled three-fold. In addition, OptiMSM® and chondroitin are both a building material for our cartilage, which is essential for flexible movement.

Dosage & use
Use once or more times per day on the joints that are affected. The gel is pleasant to use and has a fresh scent. Let it absorb for a while, rinsing is not necessary. In case of serious conditions, you can also use the gel in a wrap around the joint. A foil to cover provides extra heat, so that the gel is absorbed better and can do its work optimally.

WandelWol® anti-pressure wool

WandelWol® consists of 100% sheep's wool and is an   anti-pressure wool for blisters and pressure points It is soft, rich in lanoline and gives you the feeling that you're walking on clouds. 

Use it to relieve the pressure on sore spots or prevent blisters. Because of its natural origin, WandelWol is  biodegradable, absorbs and ventilates. A special feature is that it ensures warm feet in the winter and cools in the summer. The anti-pressure wool softens existing blisters and prevents blisters from forming. 

For whom?
WandelWol is suitable for walkers, athletes, people with cold feet or painful corns. But it also helps with chilblains, heel spurs and a burning sensation under the ball of the foot.

In short, what WandelWol does:

•   Relieves pressure points
•   Prevents blisters 
•   Softens the skin

Wandelwol leaves no sticky residue and is suitable for sensitive skin.  

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