Would you also like to save?

The Zechsal savings programme is available to anyone with an account in the Zechsal shop. 
Save now for great discounts and offers!

How does the savings programme work?

     ♥  Create an account on www.zechsal.nl
         (if you already have an account with Zechsal, you automatically save).

     ♥  You can start saving immediately.

     ♥  Make sure when you place an order that you are logged into your account to save points.

     ♥  With each online order you receive for every 5 euros one savings point.

     ♥  You can hand in points (from 10 pieces) on zechsal.nl. For every 10 points you a get 2.50 euro discount.

Tip: your points are valid for one year, so make sure you exchange your points on time. Take a look at our site every now and then, we regularly introduce new products. 

Where do I see my balance?

Do you want to know how many points you have saved? Then look in your account, there you will find your balance. Do you have any questions or comments about the savings programme? Then contact us by sending an mail to info@zechsal.eu or call 0598 - 626 810.