Magnesium in food

Magnesium is found in many types of food. Important sources of magnesium include:

• green vegetables (e.g. spinach)
• wholemeal grains
• soya
• nuts
• cocoa
• shellfish

Unfortunately, modern-day diets are not always balanced enough to fulfil our magnesium requirements. And the balance between calcium and magnesium must also be taken into account. We need 4 times more magnesium than calcium, but we actually take in 5 times more calcium than magnesium. That is a 20-times deficit!

Besides the composition of our diets, this is also the result of too little magnesium in our food due to soil depletion. Because of this, our food contains many times less magnesium than it did two generations ago. Even if your diet is very healthy, you are still at high risk of a deficiency.

Both these factors mean that all of us could use some extra magnesium.