Zechsal skincare

Zechsal clearskin naturally tackles blemishes and redness.

Thanks to the beautiful interplay between 'milk of magnesia' and tea tree, you will see quick results. A mask with Zechsal clearskin provides an ideal basis for your facial skin.

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Zechsal magnesium

Magnesium check

Magnesium is the body’s great regulator. It is involved in hundreds of processes and contributes to, amongst others, the performance of our muscles, the generation of energy and our waking/sleeping rhythms. A magnesium deficiency can have unpleasant consequences for the human body! Have you got a magnesium deficiency?

33 % In magnesium balance
33 % Possible deficiency
33 % Big change of deficiency
Zechsal for therapists

Zechsal for therapists

Find out what Zechsal can do for you and your clients. Thousands of therapists have gone before you and use our natural magnesium products in various treatments. With a great deal of success!

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Magnesium Library

Magnesium Library

The magnesium libraby is a collection of articles, videos and information about Zechsal magnesium. Read everything you wan't to know about the effects of magnesium on the human body.

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About Zechsal

More and more people are discovering that Zechsal relaxes and provides relief from pain. Pure magnesium is absorbed naturally through the skin, once inside the cells, it does its therapeutic work. Read more…