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Zechsal now also has two types of pure powder form magnesium on offer. These are superior-quality products that have no bulking agents and are easy to use.

Citrate focuses on the muscles, bones and joints. Bisglycinate sustains your memory and is a great first aid remedy for stress and burnout.

Ideal for supplementing magnesium uptake through the skin!

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Magnesium is the body’s great regulator. It is involved in hundreds of processes and contributes to, amongst others, the performance of our muscles, the generation of energy and our waking/sleeping rhythms. A magnesium deficiency can have unpleasant consequences for the human body! Have you got a magnesium deficiency?

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Magnesium Library

The magnesium libraby is a collection of articles, videos and information about Zechsal magnesium. Read everything you wan't to know about the effects of magnesium on the human body

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More and more people are discovering that Zechsal relaxes and provides relief from pain. Pure magnesium is absorbed naturally through the skin, once inside the cells, it does its therapeutic work. Read more…