Did you know that magnesium is one of man’s top three vital essentials? Magnesium plays a major role in managing our energy. It’s of vital importance to more than 350 enzymatic processes. The right proportion of magnesium in the body is the basis for good health. Excess magnesium is immediately expelled by the body. However, many people have too little magnesium, instead of too much. 

Small doses, but applied often
Magnesium is constantly used by the body, which doesn’t have an effective method for retaining it. Its use on the skin makes it possible to apply small, regular doses, ideal for maintaining your body’s health. Start slowly. Apply a small amount every time (see directions for use) and repeat after a few hours.

Supple muscles and joints

Magnesium plays an important role in muscle performance. Where calcium assists in the contraction of the muscles, magnesium helps to relax them. Magnesium removes lactic acid from the muscles after exertion or stress. A magnesium deficiency causes muscle cramps, muscular aches or restless legs. Zechsal can help treat these conditions. Zechsal also provides relief from symptoms of rheumatism.

Recommended products: magnesium oil, body bath.


Zechsal is a naturally calming substance that can be applied preventatively as well as remedially. It relaxes the muscles, nerves and blood vessels. It’s known as ‘the relaxation mineral’ because it relaxes the entire body.

Recommended products: therapeutic foot bath, body bath, magnesium oil.

Itching and skin conditions

The best-known magnesium chloride application is the treatment of skin conditions. It’s been proven to rejuvenate the skin and assist in its recovery. Zechsal can provide relief to persons suffering from athlete’s foot, eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions. Research has shown that 70% of psoriasis sufferers benefit from using Zechsal. The skin improves visibly and itching and flaking is reduced. Our body gel has been specially developed for these types of skin conditions. It is extremely effective and can be applied in small amounts.

The gentlest method of administering is the use of a bath containing magnesium crystals (3,5 kg per bath). As a treatment, this should preferably be done twice a week. After 10 to 14 days, the skin will visibly improve. After treatment, skin condition can be maintained by taking an average of 1 bath per 10 days and applying body gel to areas requiring extra attention.

Recommended products: body gel, therapeutic foot bath, treatment bath and complete treatment (pack).

Provides more energy, defies fatigue

A magnesium deficiency is often a cause of fatigue symptoms. A lot of research has been performed into finding out how magnesium influences conditions such as ME, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Magnesium plays a significant role in the functioning of the metabolism and ensures the transport and storage of insulin. Zechsal gives you more energy and counters symptoms of depression.

Recommended products: therapeutic foot bath, body bath, magnesium oil.

Relief from headaches and migraines

Because magnesium relaxes the head and the neck muscles, it contributes to the release of tension. In many cases, Zechsal provides relief from headaches

Recommended products: magnesium oil, body gel.

Better sleep

Because magnesium promotes the general relaxation of the body and reduces stress, many people sleep much better after using Zechsal. Even people who suffer from severe insomnia have reported that they sleep much better.

Recommended products: magnesium oil, body gel, therapeutic foot bath, body bath.

Pregnancy and magnesium

The body’s need for magnesium increases during pregnancy. This is especially the case during the third trimester (28th to 40th weeks). Extra magnesium has the ability to positively influence the development of the baby. What’s more, the transdermal administering of Zechsal via the skin is safe and effective.

Recommended products: magnesium oil, foot bath, body bath.

Strong bones, better calcium absorption

More than half the magnesium contained in our bodies is found in the bones. An adequate amount of magnesium assists in more effective absorption of calcium and thus strengthens the bone structure. If there’s insufficient magnesium in the body, the calcium remains without dissolving and causes calcification of the arteries, muscles and the tissue in the joints. Zechsal helps create strong bones!

Recommended products: magnesium oil, body gel.

Healthy hart

Magnesium is essential in keeping the heart - the most important muscle in the body - in a healthy condition. Heart rhythm disorders and high blood pressure are indicators of a magnesium deficiency, Zechsal helps prevent these.

Recommended products: magnesium oil, therapeutic foot bath.


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