Psoriasis is a skin condition that can have a great influence on quality of life. There are various forms of psoriasis and numerous treatment methods with varying degrees of success. More than 70% of psoriasis sufferers can benefit from Zechsal.

Zechsal has developed a body gel especially for this type of skin condition. It’s ideal for the treatment of areas that require extra attention.

In addition, treatment using Zechsal bath salts can bring relief. Treatment consists of a Zechsal magnesium bath (4 kg per bath) twice a week. After 14 days, you should notice an improvement. Following the initial treatment, an average of one bath per 10 days should maintain good skin condition. Many people also use the gel for extra effect.

Zechsal is also used by people who suffer from eczema, skin allergies and other skin conditions. It helps the skin to recover, eliminates flaking and quickly relieves itching.