De magnesium check

Do you suffer from a magnesium deficiency?

Whether you need extra magnesium depends on a range of factors, such as your genetic makeup and even your lifestyle & eating habits. The results of the below test are therefore purely indicative. Your score will be automatically calculated according to your responses to 18 questions. Risk-based questions as well as symptom-based questions have been included. Your results will be available as soon as you have finished and will include a verdict.

Questions 1 to 15 must be answered on a scale of 0 to 4. Please note the following score definitions when answering:

  • 0 = never
  • 1 = seldom -> i.e. a few times a year
  • 2 = occasionally -> i.e. once or twice a month
  • 3 = regularly -> i.e. once or twice a week
  • 4 = often -> i.e. (almost) daily

Information: the questionnaire is based on current scientific literature on magnesium and magnesium deficiency.

1. Do you consume alcohol?
2. Do you eat ready meals (or fast food)?
3. Do you use medication? Van de volgende medicatie is in elk geval duidelijk dat er een relatie is met een magnesiumtekort: maagzuurremmers, antivirale middelen, cholesterolverlagers, hormoonpreparaten, antibiotica, anti-depressiva en stimuli van het centrale zenuwstelsel zoals Ritalin.
4. Do you suffer from cramps?
5. Are you ever affected by headaches or migraines?
6. Do you have difficulty concentrating?
7. Do you use tobacco?
8. Are you affected by cardiac arrhythmias?
9. Are you affected by insomnia?
10. Are you ever restless or tense?
11. Do you experience muscular pain?
12. Are you affected by tinnitus?
13. Do you often feel tired or listless?
14. Are you affected by restless legs?
15. Do you get flickering eyelids or nervous twitches around your eyes?
16. Are you pregnant?
17. Are you aged 55 or older?
18. Do you train intensely for more than 4 hours a week?
Let op: het advies wat u na het invullen van het formulier krijgt, is geen medische advies. Raadpleeg bij twijfel altijd een arts.