Pure quality

The active ingredient in Zechsal is magnesium chloride, a mineral in its purest and most effective form. Zechsal products contain the highest possible concentration of pure magnesium. This is guaranteed by the Zechstein Inside hallmark.

Over Zechsal
The production process is certificied according to ISO 9001 en ISO 14001. Production and packaging of magnesium oil, gel en bath salt comply with GMP-and HACCP-regulations.

The recipe for the  body cream and shampoo was developed in cooperation with Bio-Gen, a cosmetics company situated in Bad Ems, Germany. Both products are produced according to the guidelines of the BDIH (Bundesverband der Industrie- und Handelsunternehmen für Arzneimittel, Reformwaren, Nahrungsergänzungsmittel und kosmetische Mittel) for natural cosmetics. 

Zechsal products are not tested on animals. In choosing packaging materials, our partners and our suppliers, we try to be as environmentally friendly as posssible.