What others say about Zechsal

My cramps are gone
This summer I had terrible calf cramps and could barely run. After two dry-needling treatments it was still there.That's why I bought Zechsal magnesium oil and I started spraying my calfs every evening. Gradually my started to improve again and the sports masseur also noticed that the cramps were gone. I keep massaging it into my muscles and hamstrings regelarly. I enjoy running again and have even run in competition again.
Annemarie Dumpel 

The pain in his legs has disappeared
My father in Brasil has had pain in his legs for years now and so far nothing worked for him at all. Until the moment he started using the body gel and spray! The pain all of a sudden disappeared and he sleeps well too. A clear case of magnesium deficit!
Glaucia Pedrosa Canabrava

My child is less hyperactive
I once read an article about administering extra magnesium to children with ADHD. Now I massage my hyperactive son a few times a week with magnesium oil. He felt an uncomfortable tingle on his skin the first few times, but it has worked. He is calmer and more approachable. Thank you very much for this great product. Greetje van Dragt

I sleep much better
I used to suffer from very dry skin. A friend told me about the Zechsal products extracted in Veendam. I ordered the gel and applied it to my skin regularly. At first, the tingling sensation was quite unpleasant, but eventually it went away. And it helped! As a positive side-effect, I found that it helped me sleep better. At night, I massage a few fingertips of the gel into my belly and then I sleep like a baby.
Francine van Duren.

More effective and less expensive than tablets
For a long time, I took magnesium tablets because I felt restless and suffered from cramps at night. Now, I’ve exchanged tablets for Zechsal because a friend of mine had a lot of good things to say about it. I’m now convinced that application to the skin is better than taking tablets. I use 20 sprays of magnesium oil per day, and that’s enough for me. It’s a bit more of an effort than taking two tablets, but now I know precisely what my actual dose is. First I tried the 100 ml bottle. Now, I’ve ordered a litre and that should last me a year. That makes it cheaper than tablets too.
Welmoed van der Laan

I feel healthy!
Once a week, I treat myself to a bath filled with Zechsal magnesium crystals. I use about one kilogram per bath. It makes my skin soft and smooth and, on the next day, I feel more energetic. Best thing is my muscle aches from playing volleybal disappear!
Cedie Terpstra

Less pain and wonderful relaxation
I have to say that the use of magnesium has been extremely gratifying. I bought the gel and the bath salts. The gel is very effective in relieving my aches and pains and, this afternoon, my husband and I enjoyed a magnesium bath. It was an extraordinary experience. Afterwards, we were wonderfully relaxed. Then, off to bed. Fantastic. I also gave one of my customers a massage using the gel. After the massage, he felt great and slept very well that night. Today, he told me that it felt like he was walking on clouds for a few days. I combined this massage with magnetisation, and together they provided great results. I’m very glad that I discovered this. With kind regards, Paulien van Bilsen.

Better than tar ointment
I used to apply tar ointment to my eczema. But Zechsal works much better for me. It’s odour-free (tar ointment stinks) and my skin responds better to it than to tar ointment, which gives me severe skin reactions in sunlight.
Bea de Wind

Hint: I mix it with shampoo
I suffer from an itchy scalp and find it a bit time-consuming to massage Zechsal body gel into my scalp. Now I simply mix it into regular Hema shampoo at a ratio of 3 parts shampoo to 1 part body gel. I let it soak in for a while and, as a result, there’s much less itching!
Frans Visschenga

Itching gone, flaking gone
I was quite sceptical, since I’ve already tried so many so-called cures. My first Zechsal salt bath felt a bit strange. Initially, the symptoms seemed to worsen. But after a week, my skin visibly improved. The itching was gone and the flaking disappeared. I don’t want to say that I don’t have any more problems, but what a difference! What’s also great is that now that I know there’s something that can help me, I’m far less stressed about it. And this stress probably caused most of the problem.
Conny Baas

Always in my bag
As I grow older, I get cramps more often. Sometimes I get them after intense exercise, but I also sometimes get cramps simply from sitting in an unusual position. At my tennis club, I noticed someone using a Zechsal spray bottle. Wonderful stuff! And it helps. Now there’s always a bottle in my bag and I use it before and after exercising. It has become a sort of a ritual.
Job van der Vaart

Fewer cramps, more energy 
I regularly use Zechsal in a foot spa. Now I don’t get cramps as often and I feel healthier and more energetic. 
Jitske van der Hoeven.

Smoother skin, relief from pain
As a beauty therapist, I often treat people with magnesium gel packs that I order from Zechsal, and the results are phenomenal. After treatment, the skin really looks much better and feels smoother. The product also helps rheumatism sufferers. One of my customers told me that after the treatment, he clearly felt less pain.
Alicia from Studio Alicia, Hoorn.