Our daily magnesium requirement is 350 mg for men and 300 mg for women. Often, sportspersons have too low a magnesium count as a result of high loss due to perspiration. Zechsal doesn’t only provide the most effective magnesium supplement, it also prevents muscle injuries and heals these injuries faster. It also has an immediate positive effect on preventing cramps.

Small doses, but applied often
Magnesium is constantly used by the body, which doesn’t have an effective method for retaining it. Its use on the skin makes it possible to apply small, regular doses, ideal for maintaining your body’s health. Start slowly. Apply a small amount every time (see directions for use) and repeat after a few hours.

Endurance sport

Zechsal improves muscular strength, muscle relaxation and muscle stamina. A lot of magnesium is used during long-term exertion. If this magnesium isn’t well-supplemented, it may lead to heart rhythm disorders and cramping.


- Before and during exercise: sport spray
- After exercise: foot- or body bath

Contact sport

Short bursts of energy, power and speed require strong muscles and supple joints. It’s therefore essential that the magnesium in the body is kept at the right level. Applying Zechsal to the area affected by cramp or injury has an immediate effect.


- Before the match: low dose of sport spray (not too much, muscle relaxation will reduce the ability of your muscles to provide explosions of energy)
- Treatment of injuries: immediately apply sport spray, repeat daily
- After the match: after-care with sport spray, or the supplementing of magnesium levels by means of a foot- or body bath


Supple muscles and joints will make your hike relaxing. Foot and leg after-care will prevent muscular pain and sore feet.


- Before the hike: sport spray
- After the hike: body- or foot bath