More and more people are discovering that Zechsal is good for body and soul. You can visit a beauty salon or spa that uses Zechsal (see the links to sales outlets at the bottom-right of the homepage), or you can simply enjoy Zechsal at home.


Magnesium is also called the anti-stress mineral. It’s a significant source of energy and acts like a natural tranquiliser. Zechsal helps to recover the energy balance and provides pleasant relaxation.

Recommended products: body bath (once a week), foot bath (2 to 3 times a week).

A healthy, radiant skin

Magnesium has a strong hydrating action and is an excellent disinfectant. If Zechsal is used on a regular basis, the skin will not only feel softer, it’ll feel smoother too. Professional skin packs containing Zechsal are used with tremendous success by beauty salons and chiropodists.

You can also use Zechsal in your own home and have a softer, smoother skin. You’ll radiate youth and vitality.

Recommended products: body gel, body scrub.

Please note:because of its high concentration, Zechsal causes an uncomfortable tingling sensation when first used by some people. To prevent this, first dilute the gel with water and gradually increase the dosage. Avoid contact with the eyes or with open wounds, as this can result in a stinging sensat

Sleep well...

One of the greatest advantages of using Zechsal is a good night’s sleep. The magnesium in Zechsal is fully absorbed by the body, resulting in complete relaxation. It’s not called ‘the relaxation mineral’ for no reason. Zechsal is effective in treating insomnia. See for yourself what a foot bath or body bath can do for you!

Recommended products: foot bath, body bath, magnesium oil. 


Zechsal can be administered in so-called floating tanks. Here, you float in water containing a high concentration of magnesium. It provides the body and soul with a one-of-a-kind type of relaxation. The high level of magnesium absorption gives this a therapeutic effect. Enquire about it at your local spa or wellness centre!

Brain boost

Recent research has suggested that extra magnesium has a positive effect on the brain. A well-known fact, in any case, is that magnesium is invaluable to energy production. It helps to protect the brain and nervous system against the pressures of everyday life and promotes the activation of B-group vitamins.

Recommended product: magnesium oil.

Massage 5 to 10 sprays into the neck and nape on a daily basis. Allow it to be absorbed for 20 minutes and then rinse, if desired.