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Zechsal stands for magnesium, pure magnesium. Whether in its pure form or as part of a treatment product, Zechsal is versatile and reliable. We work successfully with practitioners and practices. From physiotherapist to sports masseur and from pedicure to psychologist.
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Advantages at Zechsal

       Special (wholesale) rates
     ♦  Free leaflets, flyers and posters
     ♦  Helpdesk for information & advice
     ♦  Knowledge, education & training
      Listing as a point of sale (please indicate if you wish for that)
       Fast delivery
       Personal service

     ♦  Partner programme if you don't want to buy, but do want to work together
        (also see www.zechsal.nl/partner-van-zechsal)

With your first order you will receive a Zechsal catalogue with a lot of extra knowledge and information. Are you a professional therapist? Create an account here without obligation and discover all the benefits! As a special introduction we have three different packages that you can order once with a discount in the web shop (note: you will only see these when you have created an account and we have activated it).

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The Magnesium Academy

Much research has already been done into the influence and functioning of magnesium in our body. And there are still regular publications showing the great importance of magnesium for our physical and mental health. Magnesium has not been chosen as the mineral of 2018 for nothing.

The Magnesium Academy collects knowledge about magnesium and its use and makes it accessible to various target groups. We do this for professionals through (accredited) training courses and workshops, and for consumers through lectures and interactive meetings.

Therapist days

A versatile programme packed with knowledge that you need for practice! It runs from 10am to 4pm including a visit to the Zechstein source.

     ♦  Unique opportunity to see the natural magnesium extraction process with your own eyes
     ♥  Knowledge and science around magnesium and our health
     ♥  Do's and don'ts when using and treating with Zechsal
     ♥  Interdisciplinary exchange on use and effects

The programme has been rated by participants with a 9.1. 
Target audience: therapists

Cost: € 49.95 = excl. VAT pp (including organic lunch, coffee & tea and an extensive handout)
Location: Veendam

Tailor-made workshops

Introduction to magnesium, diagnosing a magnesium deficiency and the use of magnesium in specific professional practice. There are (accredited) workshops for sports carers, menopause consultants and pedicures. Workshops are organised on request, in collaboration with wholesalers and with open registration.

Target audience: therapists
Duration: around 3 hours/half day
Costs for open registration € 55, - pp (ex VAT)


Interactive lecture of approx. 1.5 hours with the title "The spark of life. If magnesium is the missing link ..."
The lecture examines the role of magnesium in our body, the effects of a magnesium deficiency and the application & use of magnesium products from the unique Zechstein source.

Target group: associations, schools, service clubs, consumer groups
Minimum group size: 20 people
Costs: € 75,- (incl. VAT) and travel costs
Location: in consultation

Would you like to know more? Call or email us, also for dates and reservations. We are here for you!

0598 - 626 810 and ask for Jaap van Slooten.