Zechsal magnesium drops, 30 ml. Easy to use and naturally pure

   •  Unique magnesium
   •  Naturally pure
   •  Easy to use
   •  Easy to ingest

Zechsal magnesium drops, 30 ml. Easy to use and naturally pure
Zechsal magnesium drops, 30 ml. Easy to use and naturally pure
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Product Description

More and more people are taking extra magnesium. Logical, because this healthy mineral is a real life essential, indispensable for hundreds of body processes. Magnesium is available in various forms.

For those who do not like pills and who like great convenience, there is now good news: Zechsal Magnesium Drops!

Naturally pure: It comes directly from the purest magnesium source in the world (see also overleaf). It therefore contains no fillers or glazing agents. It is, however, naturally enriched with some essential trace elements.

Easy to ingest: Many people (not just children) have trouble swallowing pills or powders. You can add Zechsal Magnesium Drops 'unnoticed' to, for example, drinks, yogurt, soup or spaghetti sauce.

Easy to dispense: Thanks to the handy pipette cap, Zechsal Magnesium Drops can be dosed according to your needs. This is especially important with magnesium: small amounts, spread over the day, give the best results.

Dosage and Use:

The recommended dose is 20 to 30 drops, spread throughout the day. By spreading out as much as possible, the biological absorption is optimal. Every 10 drops is equivalent to 52 mg of elemental magnesium. Use in coffee, tea, water, dairy or smoothie or as a substitute for salt in cooking. Do not exceed recommended dosage. The bottle contains 530 drops.

The product is also suitable for use in children, but adjust the dosage. Every person - child or adult - receives magnesium through the daily diet and therefore we advise not to dose more than half of the RDA (350 to 400 mg for adults) by means of a dietary supplement. a supplement. If the dose is too high, the body itself takes care of the removal of the surplus. If you consume too much magnesium, this often manifests itself in the form of diarrhea and you would rather avoid that.

Recommended dosage for children:

3 to 5 years: maximum 10 drops
5 to 8 years: maximum 20 drops
9 to 12 years: up to 30 drops

For children up to 3 years old, we recommend using only transdermal magnesium (via the skin). Above 12 years the dose is the same as for adults.

Ingredients: water, (natural) magnesium chloride.

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