Zechsal magnesium oil, 1 L. Refill for 100 ml spray bottle.

     •   High quality directly from the Zechstein source
     •   A cost efficient refill of your 100ml spray bottle
     •   Highest possible concentration (31%)
     •   Restores your magnesium balance
     •   Supports physical and mental health

Zechsal magnesium oil, 1 L. Refill for 100 ml spray bottle.
Zechsal magnesium oil, 1 L. Refill for 100 ml spray bottle.
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Product Description

Zechsal magnesium oil is the most concentrated liquid form of magnesium chloride, dissolved in water. It’s called magnesium oil because it is greasy to the touch. Magnesium oil is ideal for quick and effective magnesium absorption through the skin. It’s practical in use and benefits the whole body.

The best areas for magnesium absorption are the feet, the underarms and the belly region. However, if you have problems with cramp or tense muscles, it would be a good idea to treat the affected area itself.

Dosage & use

Use 15 to 20 sprays per day (app. 200 mg, half of the daily requirement). Allow at least 10 minutes for absorption. Then rinse if preferred. Light tingling and a warm sensation are normal and mean that the magnesium is being absorbed. Your skin will feel pleasantly smooth and you’ll experience full relaxation as an after-effect.

Tip: absorption is much faster when the skin is warm (e.g. after a shower or exercise). Avoid contact with the eyes or superficial wounds. Contact may result in a stinging sensation.

Please note: direct contact with clothing or bed linen may result in stains. Wait for total absorption before going to bed or getting dressed. If applied before bedtime, we recommend that you put on an old shirt or - if applied to the feet - a pair of socks.

Ingredients: 31% magnesium chloride, aqua.

Aqua, Magnesiumchloride
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