Zechsal magnesium bisglycinate powder mini, 40 g.

     •   Lowers stress levels
     •   Supports the nervous system
     •   Enhances memory and concentration
     •   Genuine ALBION quality
     •   Gluten free, no bulking agents, vegan friendly

Zechsal magnesium bisglycinate powder mini, 40 g.
Zechsal magnesium bisglycinate powder mini, 40 g.
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Product Description

Magnesium bisglycinate is an organic form of magnesium bound to an amino acid. This amino acid-chelated form can also reach the brain, where it can have a relaxing effect.

Multiple minerals often use the same transporters. This means that one mineral can hinder the absorption of another. But because the body does not consider magnesium bisglycinate a mineral but instead an amino acid, it avoids this so-called mineral contest and has exceptionally high biological availability. Besides its absorption properties, fewer side effects (like diarrhea) are associated with magnesium bisglycinate than with other oral forms.

Demonstrated effects of this type of magnesium: lowered stress levels, reduced restlessness, support of the nervous system and a positive effect on memory and concentration.

Use and dosage: Once or twice a day, dissolve 1 teaspoon of powder in water or fruit juice, or mix it into dairy. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. 1 teaspoon amounts to 2 g, the equivalent of 200mg magnesium.

Storage: store at room temperature in a dry place out of the reach of children.

Ingredients: magnesium bisglycinate chelate, citric acid.

Dosage and Usage

1 a 2 maal daags 1 theelepel poeder oplossen in water, vruchtensap of mengen met zuivel. 1 theelepel is 2 gram, dit komt overeen met 200 mg magnesium. De aanbevolen dosering niet overschrijden.

Tip: bisglycinaat heeft een bijzondere, afwijkende smaak die vraagt om een zure tegenhanger. Je kunt daarvoor citroen, maar ook bv vitamine C poeder gebruiken. Dat neutraliseert de smaak.

Bewaren: op kamertemperatuur, droog en buiten bereik van kinderen bewaren.

Citric Acid, Magnesiumbisglycinate chelate
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