Zechsal relaxation pack, relax at home!

     ♥   Bath crystals, magnesium oil and body cream in one
     ♥   For a wellness experience at home
     ♥   Provides ultimate relaxation

     ♥   Gives a mental and physical boost
     ♥   Recommended for burn-out, depression or stress


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Special Price €46.95 Regular Price €50.85
Zechsal relaxation pack, relax at home!
Zechsal relaxation pack, relax at home!
Special Price €46.95 Regular Price €50.85
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Product Description

For those who want to experience ultimate relaxation! Very suitable for people with symptoms of a burnout, depression or stress.

     •   Zechsal gives a mental and physical boost
     •   Zechsal magnesium ensures optimal relaxation
     •   Magnesium makes energy available in your body

Magnesium is known as the relaxation mineral. This does not only apply to your muscles and nerves, but to all cells in your body. Without enough magnesium, your cells remain semi-active and this takes a lot of energy. Only when you are really relaxed can you let go and recover. People who have balanced magnesium are happier and more cheerful. Magnesium is not a medicine but a natural aid. 

Zechsal has put together this relaxation pack especially for optimal relaxation. It consists of:

     •   A pot with 2 kg magnesium crystals for 16x foot baths
     •   100 ml oil (spray bottle) and
     •   A tube of 125 ml body cream

and is intended for 6 to 8 weeks of use. Enjoy a foot bath with the ancient magnesium crystals (at least) twice a week and feed your body with the oil the other days of the week. In addition, use the body cream as much as you want. This contains 10% magnesium oil and makes the skin soft and supple. A double effect!

The combined use of the crystals, the oil and the body cream will quickly eliminate your magnesium deficiency  and you will slowly feel better. You may experience a setback in the beginning (extra tired or mild headache). This means that the body is eliminating waste and is trying to find a new balance. Our advice is to continue for a while. If there is no improvement after three weeks, see a doctor. 

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