Zechsal deacidification pack, perfect for after the holidays!

     •   Deacidify with magnesium and sodium bicarbonate
     •   Increases the body's pH
     •   pure quality, without aluminium
     •   Includes test strips to measure your pH
     •   For the bath and foot bath

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Special Price €39.95 Regular Price €43.85
Zechsal deacidification pack, perfect for after the holidays!
Zechsal deacidification pack, perfect for after the holidays!
Special Price €39.95 Regular Price €43.85
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Product Description

A balanced pH (acidity) in your body is an important condition for your health. This pack has been specially formulated for optimal deacidification.

As you get older you lose some of your ability to get rid of acid and this speeds up the aging process. That starts around your fortieth year. An overly acidic body has been associated with chronic ill health, including fatigue. In addition, athletes benefit from the removal of acidic waste products after intensive exercise. 

Sodium bicarbonate, together with magnesium, is a very strong combination to rid your body of acidic waste. Ideal for a foot bath or bath. When used together, Zechsal baking soda and Zechsal magnesium reinforce each other.

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3-) forms a basic buffer in our blood. It ensures that the blood remains slightly alkaline (pH 7,36) by neutralizing acidic waste products. Magnesium is known for removing acidic waste and is therefore widely used against muscle pain, which is basically a build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. Magnesium supports in  recovery when processes in the body are disrupted. 

The pH test strips are intended to measure your pH value in saliva or urine on a daily basis. This way you quickly and easily measure the acidity of your body and you know whether you are making progress towards a healthy pH value. 

Dosage and use

Sodium Bicarbonate

Via the skin
Use 100 gram sodium bicarbonate in a bath (approx. 100 litres water) and 20 gram in a foot bath (approx. 4 litres water). Duration: minimum of 20 minutes, half an hour is better. Bicarbonate can be used perfectly with Zechsal in a bath.

a. Daily use
Mix approx. 1.5 grams (half teaspoon) with a glass of cold water. Stir and wait for it to dissolve completely. Drink this daily on an empty stomach or just before a meal.

b. Treatment of 1 week (detox)
See above, however, take 2-3 times each day. Measure your pH at least daily, it should not exceed 8.0. If this happens, reduce the dose. You can do such a treatment once every 2 months for detoxification.

Bath crystals

Have a foot bath at least twice a week. In case of health conditions, we recommend having a foot bath every day, preferably in the evening before going to sleep. Dosage: 125 grams to approx. 4 litres of warm water. The recommended temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. Duration: minimum of 20 minutes, half an hour is better.

pH Test strips

Use your urine or saliva to test, wait 15 seconds for the strip to discolour and read the pH value on the colour scale. The colour scale indicates many  intermediate values and is easy to read. These pH strips only measure relevant pH values between 4.5 and 9.0.

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