NEW: Zechsal self-diagnosis pack + magnesium citrate.

     •   A starter pack in order to provide your own diagnosis
     •   Especially for muscle pain, sleeplessness or fatigue
     •   For three weeks of daily use
     •   Bath crystals, oil and magnesium citrate
     •   Including instructions for use

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Special Price €27.95 Regular Price €30.85
NEW: Zechsal self-diagnosis pack + magnesium citrate.
NEW: Zechsal self-diagnosis pack + magnesium citrate.
Special Price €27.95 Regular Price €30.85
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Product Description

This self-diagnosis pack helps you to experience for yourself whether you would benefit from extra magnesium. For example, if you suffer a lot from muscle strain, painful joints or if you struggle with listlessness, then it is quite possible that you will benefit from this pack. The self-diagnosis pack + citrate is intended for 3 weeks of use and consists of three products:

     •   magnesium crystals, 750 g
     •   magnesium oil, 100 ml
     •   magnesium citrate powder, 40 g

The crystals and the oil contain magnesium chloride. This is the body's own form of magnesium and can be absorbed through the skin. The powder is magnesium citrate and suitable for oral intake. Citrate is the oral form used most by athletes, since it gives you extra energy and helps recovery from muscle pain. 

Uses and dosage

Take 2 grams of magnesium powder every morning with breakfast, which is 1 teaspoon. Dissolve this in warm water,  a dairy product or fruit juice (not refrigerated).

Spray 10 to 15 sprays of magnesium oil on your stomach, feet or underarms every night. The absorption is maximal when the skin is warm and clean. Massage the oil lightly into the skin and leave it on for at least 15 minutes. If you want to you can rinse the remainder   from your skin. Many people leave it on during the night and rinse it off in the shower in the morning.

Have a foot bath twice a week, preferably in the evening before going to sleep. This boosts magnesium absorption. On these days you don't have to rub on magnesium oil.   Dosage: 125 grams to approx. 4 litres of warm water. Duration: minimum of 20 minutes. Half an hour is optimal. 

After three weeks of daily use, you can take stock for yourself and determine what it has done for you!

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