Zechsal sodium bicarbonate mini, 100g.

Top-quality sodium bicarbonate for giving your bath or foot spa an additional detoxifying effect. Guaranteed free of aluminium.


  • Deacidifies the body
  • Drains waste substances
  • Supports the immune system
Zechsal sodium bicarbonate mini, 100g.
Zechsal sodium bicarbonate mini, 100g.
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Product Description

Forms a great combination with a Zechsal foot spa or bath. When used together, Zechsal bicarbonate of soda and Zechsal magnesium complement one another. Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) forms a basic buffer in our blood. It keeps our blood slightly alkali (pH 7.36) by neutralising acidic wastes.

Various scientific studies have shown that the amount of sodium bicarbonate in our blood becomes less as we grow older. Research by Dr Lynda Frassetto has demonstrated a substantial decrease in bicarbonate buffers, starting at an average age of 40. This is also the age at which many acidosis problems develop.

Dosage and use

Via the skin

Add 200 g to a bath (80 to 100ℓ of water) and 40 g to 50 g to a foot spa (app. 4ℓ of water). Spend at least 20 minutes in the bath or foot spa.

Use half these amounts when used in conjunction with Zechsal magnesium crystals, i.e. doses of 100 g and 20 g respectively.

Tip: first dissolve the magnesium crystals in warm water, then add the bicarbonate of soda. Adding them together will cause a reaction that creates bubbles and can diminish the effect.


Mix 1.5 g (half a teaspoon) into a glass of water or water with lemon juice. Do this twice a day on an empty stomach our just before mealtimes. Increase your intake gradually.

Generally speaking, it’s safe to use bicarbonate of soda. pH value is often a good indication of whether you need extra sodium bicarbonate. Large doses can cause headaches or nausea. Long-term use can harm kidney and bladder tissue. Do not use if you are on a low-sodium diet and don’t take (simultaneously) with medication such as antibiotics and antacids. If you have any doubts, consult your GP.

Zechsal products are not tested on animals and contain no preservatives. Zechsal bicarbonate of soda is produced in accordance with GMP

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