Zechsal OptiMSM®, 500g. Pure organic sulfur.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a natural source of organic sulphur. For centuries, sulphur has been used for therapeutic purposes in combating various complaints and conditions. OptiMSM is the purest form of MSM.

Zechsal OptiMSM®, 500g. Pure organic sulfur.
Zechsal OptiMSM®, 500g. Pure organic sulfur.
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Product Description

It’s no longer a given that we take in enough organic sulphur to support all the physical processes that need it. Many people could use a bit more so that they can perform well and grow older in good health.

               - Curbs infections in the body
               - Ensures flexible mucsles en joints (cartilage, sinews etc.)
               - Good for skin, hair and nails
               - When used together, promotes the absorption of magnesium

Dosage and use

For optimum results, add to a bath or foot spa along with Zechsal bath crystals. Add 10 g of MSM crystal powder to a foot spa (containing app. 4ℓ of warm water) and 50 g to a bath.

Can also be taken orally: mix 0.5 g to 4 g of MSM with water.

Tip: gradually build up your intake to the desired level!

Ingrediënten: Methylsulfonylmethane.


Dosage and Usage
Voor optimaal gebruik voeg toe aan een bad of voetenbad met Zechsal badkristallen. Gebruik voor een voetenbad 10 gram (op ca. 4 liter warm water) en in een ligbad ca. 50 gram MSM kristalpoeder. Oraal gebruik is ook mogelijk: meng 2 tot 4 gram MSM met water. Tip: bouw het gebruik langzaam op naar het gewenste niveau!
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