Magnesium oil, user guide, by Dr. Barbara Hendel.

Door Dr. Barbara Hendel

     •   Everything you want to know about magnesium oil
     •   Also information about bathing with crystals
     •   Handy tips for daily use
     •   Translated from German

Magnesium oil, user guide, by Dr. Barbara Hendel.
Magnesium oil, user guide, by Dr. Barbara Hendel.
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Product Description

Dr. Hendel is an authority in the field of magnesium. She is convinced of the productive effect of magnesium via the skin and that is why she wrote this book.

Table of contents

Basic principles
- Magnesium - the key mineral for our body

- How magnesium works on our body
- The magnesium content in our food
- Causes of magnesium deficiency
- How a magnesium deficiency is diagnosed
- Our magnesium requirement

- Several options for magnesium absorption
- Magnesium oil: what is it?
- Forms of external application           

Application examples
- Muscle cramps

- Leisure and performance sports
- Pregnancy and breast-feeding
- Menstrual complaints

- Head ache and migraine
- Stress and Burn-out
- Sleep disorders
- Arteriosclerosis and associated complications
- Restless-leg-syndrome
- Fibromyalgia

- Increased cholesterol and fat levels
- Diabetes
- Arthrosis

- Skin diseases
- Gum disease
- Osteoporosis
- Magnesium deficiency in children
- Mood swings and depression

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